Dr. Cathy Watson, PhD/Counselor


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Providing short term crisis counseling for family & marital relationships, communication, parenting, grief/loss, anger/bitterness, and personal struggles.


I knew at a young age that I wanted to be a Nurse. I pursued college for that degree while continuing to foster children and adopting our oldest son. It was the passion for caring for others that led my husband and I to foster over 100 children with varying levels of needs and crisis. We now have 4 beautiful children we have adopted and we continue to foster children in need. My medical background has afforded me the opportunity to help these children on a physical level and my education in psychology allows me to help them emotionally.

My Husband and I owned and operated a Christian preschool for 8 years before I moved to a position as a Family Centered Specialist with the Institute for Family Centered Services. In this position I offered counseling to families who had children who were in crisis and working through the court system. I have also worked with Tri-county Youth Services in the local elementary school system, working with children experiencing family crisis.

In 2013, after having stepped aside from counseling to grieve the passing of my dad in 2011, I took the position as the Counselor for Real Life Wesleyan Church. I also am the Staff Consultant for Waldorf Pediatrics and serve their patients as well.

It is with a great sense of responsibility that I counsel and I truly love what I do!!