Welcome to Bonobo Relationships


Hello and welcome to Bonobo Relationships! My name is Molly Reagh (pronounced "ray"), and I'm here to support you in navigating the beautiful complexities of relationships. Maybe you're looking to talk to someone who can help you figure out if some kind of nonmonogamy is the right fit for you. Maybe you're years-in to nonmonogamous relationships and you want to explore exactly what kind of nonmonogamy works best for you. Maybe you want support navigating jealousy or metamours. Maybe you're generally having a hard time in your relationships and want to work with someone who can hold space, offer insights, and work through this confusion with you. I specialize in working with nonmonogamous/polyamorous and LGBTQ+ folks, because those are two very important and special parts of my own identity and lived experience. I pride myself in my exceptional relational and people skills, staying humble, doing my own healing and growth practices, and having a big capacity for holding space with people who are struggling with the ebbs and flows of humanity.


What makes me qualified to be a coach? I have identified as polyamorous for 13 years and think about relationships and how to do them well all the time. Through my lived experiences and informal education, I consider myself an ever-evolving expert in matters of nonmonogamy and relationships and someone whose open mind and curiosity is helpful to people exploring themselves as relational beings. In terms of more formal education/experience, I have my Masters in Social Work and spent  7 years working in the nonprofit world doing racial equity and family support work.

I have a passion for talking about and helping folks process their challenges in relationships, sex, pleasure, intimacy, queerness, race, disability, gender, boundaries, romance, trauma, passion, kink. I want nothing more than to see people thrive in their joy and I want to help create a world where anyone can thrive, unbound by oppression and -isms that put up so many unnecessary and inhumane barriers. I have, do, and will fight like hell to make that world possible both in my coaching practice and in my daily personal life.

I'm currently living alone and practicing solo polyamory/relationship anarchy. I co-parent a wild and wonderful pup named Rhonda and cat named Howie. I love spending time with all my relations, playing games (especially word games), and mushroom foraging.

You can find me on Instagram @bonobo.relationships